Brackish Water Outfitters was created by my family to celebrate our love of growing up, living, and playing along the coastal waters of North Carolina. These same waters can be found throughout the United States. Through Brackish Life we want to connect with our coastal brethren from Virginia down through South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and along the Gulf Coast who share our passion for life on the sounds, rivers and coastal marshes. Like you, we spend our spring and summers wake boarding, sailing, and kayaking - and the fall and winter hunting and fishing. We love The Brackish Life and our shrimp, oysters, and crab from the Pamlico Sound as much as our neighbors on the Chesapeake or the Louisiana Bayou. And the same redfish we're after in North Carolina are found all the way down in Texas.
Along the way, we hope to educate more people about the fisheries, wildlife, and recreation available in these brackish waters; and, by doing so we hope to do our part to preserve The Brackish Life and its special habitats for future generations. One way we can accomplish this is by supporting the efforts of organizations like the Coastal Conservation Association and Ducks Unlimited that are dedicated to preserving our coastal treasures. So, these three simple concepts – celebrate, educate, and preserve - have become The Brackish Life focus. As we live by our mantra, "Enjoy Life Simply," we also want to do our part to be responsible stewards of our coastal waters.
So, thank you for visiting and sharing our passion for The Brackish Life. We hope our products will be part of your "Enjoy Life Simply" wardrobe as you live The Brackish Life!

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